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    Templeton PAC Foundation         
Board Members  2022/23    

Vicki van den Eikhof, President
Nancy Hill Cunha, Vice President
Carson Ogburn Secretary
Jeff van den Eikhof, Treasurer

Board Members
Maria Carroll
Ryan Flores
 Sholly von Stein

TUSD Employee Members
Aaron Asplund
Catherine Kingsbury
Jessica Lloyd

Publicatons Editor:
Diane Mayfield



Vicki van den Eikhof - President

I passionately believe that every person on this earth is born to be creative. It is imperative for our survival as well as our personal happiness, that we discover our creative outlets and learn to use them to make the world a better place. Arts education is a great way to do this. Every child deserves an arts education: performing arts, visual arts, dance/movement, music, creative writing, and everything in between. In the process of supporting my children's arts education, I discovered the TPAC. I realized that we have this beautiful facility in North County that is not living up to its potential and decided to do something about it. I'm very grateful to our board members who are so supportive of this amazing facility and have incredible vision for what it can be for our community.


Nancy Hill Cunha - Vice President

Nancy is a botanist and has done botanical work for such organizations as the US Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, and various consulting firms in Washington and California. She was secretary of Templeton Education Foundation from  2014 - 2018 and on the board through 2019.  She is also an Ambassador for the Templeton Community Library Association and is on the board of HANDS in Nepal, a small NGO that supports education, children, and women in Nepal.   In her spare time, Nancy enjoys quilting, being in nature, and spending time with her 2 dogs and cat (Most of whom are named after plants). She is a member of the Almond Country Quilt Guild and the California Native Plant Society.  She believes that the TPAC is a treasure for our Templeton community and loves being part of a group that will help maintain and improve this amazing facility.


Jeff van den Eikhof - Treasurer


Carson Ogburn - Secretary

Carson graduated Templeton high school in 2017. During her time there she performed in multiple shows and traveled twice to the Fringe Festival in Edinburg, Scotland. Currently she works at Woods Humane Society and finds it very fulfilling. She is finishing her degree in film, television and electronic media. Her goal is to become a radio DJ. Carson believes the arts are very beneficial to our community. The TPAC holds a special place in her heart and she is so glad she gets to help it live up to its full potential.  

 Jeff van den Eikhof is a civil engineer and business owner and has lived in SLO county most of his life. He has been married to Vicki van den Eikhof for 30 years and together they have four children.  He enjoys singing, designing and building things, technology, making cotton candy, and supporting his childrens’ interests. He has learned in his career that an engineer is an artist with a practical streak and loves supporting all kinds of arts through his work and volunteer efforts.


Maria Carroll

Maria is a school counselor at Vineyard and Templeton Elementary schools. She has worked in the Templeton Unified School District for 16 years. Between 2007-2010 she and four girlfriends operated a concert promotion company called Five Sisters Entertainment and brought some of their favorite artists to the TPAC, the Clark Center and local wineries.  She loves live music and has a particular fondness for the TPAC. She would love the whole world to experience entertainment in this beautiful, intimate venue where there is not a bad seat in the house. Besides live music, she also enjoys reading, painting, hiking and playing Cribbage, Hearts and Codenames with her husband, sons and their girlfriends.


Ryan Flores

1984 Headshots B&W Final-28.jpg

Catherine Kingsbury

As the TPAC Manager, Templeton High School Theatre Arts Instructor/Director, North County Theatre Works co-founder, and an AHSTF Distinguished Teacher, Catherine has to be organized and dedicated. She loves telling stories onstage and figuring out how to make the magic happen! She believes that the arts are the heartbeat of a community. For those rare moments when she’s not working, she enjoys spending her time with family, reading, and watching movies, theatre, and sports. With this professional quality performance facility right in our backyard, she wants to establish thoughtful caretaking and maintenance of the structure, as well as grow the live performance opportunities for everyone to participate in and enjoy, along with fostering educational and employment opportunities with the TPAC. Catherine has been teaching, directing, performing, and managing theatre for decades, both stateside and abroad.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 10.18.23

Sholly Von Stein

Sholly Von Stein has performed musical theater and dramatic roles for decades with local community theater groups. Through her association with AUSD, she has introduced hundreds of children to the arts as a Drama, Music, and Language Arts teacher. She has now developed a passion for exploring Cabaret and Jazz vocal stylings. Sholly lives in Atascadero with her 32 rescued animals and continues to work part-time as an Independent Studies Instructor with AUSD. Sholly Von Stein is thrilled to be a board member for the Templeton PAC Foundation.

Mayfield headshot.JPG

Diane Mayfield

Diane’s position as Publications Editor for the TPACF combines her two loves of journalism and theater.  She retired from TUSD in 2018 after a 34-year teaching career, the last 25 of which were spent at Templeton High School.  Diane’s background in journalism includes a stint as managing editor of a wine trade publication in addition to free-lance writing for a variety of publications in the Napa Valley.  As an English and journalism teacher at both TMS and THS, Diane helped her students produce the school newspaper, and she delighted in introducing her students to the works of William Shakespeare and other dramatists.  A lifelong fan of live theater, Diane had a front-row seat to the building of the TPAC in 2003 just outside her classroom at THS and was thrilled to serve as guest dramaturg for such TPAC shows as A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2008), Macbeth (2017), and And Then There Were None (2018).

Aaron Asplund

Aaron is currently the Superintendent and Chief Business Official of Templeton Unified School District.  His family is his greatest joy, and they recently added Rincon, a Pomsky puppy, to the mix. He cooks a mean grilled cheese sandwich, and enjoys travel, surfing, volleyball, and music. He is excited to see the performing arts thrive in Templeton!

Jessica Llyod

Jessica is currently the principal at Templeton High School. 

By day, Ryan is the Operations & Programs Director at the Paso Robles Youth Arts Center; by night, Ryan is a theatrical lighting designer and technical director/consultant in the San Luis Obispo area working with many organizations throughout the year. He is very thankful to have both his day/night jobs feed his passion for investing in youth and showcasing the magic of the arts! Ryan strongly believes that the Templeton Performing Arts Center is the premier venue for North County live performance. He is delighted to hold a member position on the TPAC Foundation Board to help facilitate technical upgrades wherever possible.  See you at the TPAC!

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