TPAC Lighting Plan


The TPACF has some good news regarding upgrades to the TPAC facility.  Theatre DNA has developed a great plan to complete the lighting upgrades in the TPAC to provide our users with state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities. The lighting equipment in the TPAC currently is over 17 years old (some of it was donated by Cuesta and Pioneer Players and is older than the TPAC building).  This is the phase of lighting that was not completed when the TPAC was first opened. The finished lighting design will provide for a full complement of theater lighting. In the past, some of our users had to rent additional lighting equipment to light their performance.  Once the plan is complete, they won't need to do that anymore. 


We are able to move forward with this plan by a combination of funding efforts:

Money saved through the TUSD for facility upgrade though consistent rental of the TPAC 

fundraising efforts by the TPAC Foundation

an endowment donation from the THS Band program. 


We've already begun the project while the theater is dark during the pandemic. Hopefully, when we're back in the theater for performances, we'll have at least the first two phases of a 5 part plan complete!


Theatre DNA TPAC Lighting Plan

#1 Console  


Theatre Cable

#2 Lighting Network/DMX

To stage area/catwalks

Network infrastructure

#3 Fixtures

3a: Cyc fixtures and cables

3b: Wash fixtures and cables

3c: LED Caps for ellipsoidals, with network cables (to be completed after #4)

#4 Houselights  

Replace 12 fixtures, reuse existing power/dimming


#5 Dimmer Fix  

Dimmer modules/electronics