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From Mud to Music

Templeton PAC Foundation

Our Story


Hard work and generosity are community values in Templeton and the evidence is on display at the Templeton Performing Arts Center (TPAC).  The Templeton community is rightfully proud of this lovely performance venue, which was built through a combined effort of the Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) and the community. The basic structure was finished in 2003 while a special committee took several more years seeking alternative funding to furnish the auditorium with seats and outfit it with sound and lighting systems. 

The TPAC is a hub for cultural events serving all the people of North County, as well as providing an institution for career and vocational/technical education for Templeton High School Theatre Marketing and Management students. It has a full orchestra pit, green room, full curtains, lighting, and sound systems.  In this small, intimate setting of 330 seats, each spectator has an unobstructed view of the stage due to the steep angle of construction. Its design makes it ideal for presentations by musical, dance, and theatrical groups, as well as for assemblies, lectures, and forums. It’s unlike any other facility available in northern San Luis Obispo County! The TPAC is used by many different groups for a variety of activities, from dance recitals and performances to orchestra and band; school assemblies, plays and musicals, to community events.

In the intervening  years since the TPAC has opened, it has become part of our community-our family. It has also become apparent that the long-term commitment to this type of facility was bigger than anyone imagined at the time it was built--far beyond the commitment required by standard school facilities. In all that time, the facility has not had any significant updates (or in some cases, even maintenance). 

In an effort to meet the need for an ongoing financial commitment to the TPAC, we have formed a foundation whose mission is to sustain the TPAC, to ensure it reaches its maximum potential as a venue for the performing arts, learning, entertainment, and community-building. Our goal is to increase the utilization of the facility by underwriting, sponsoring, promoting, and/or assisting in performing arts programs, cultural projects, and educational and civic events that take place there, as well as assisting in the operation of the building to ensure it reaches its maximum potential for both TUSD and the community.

We are just getting started, but we have big plans!  Our commitment to the TPAC is a deep one that goes beyond TUSD or Templeton. This group of parents, teachers, counselors, current and retired administrators, business owners, and citizens are determined to be here for the long haul and you are invited to join us! You can donate to our organization, browse our website, join our mailing list to find out about upcoming events, follow us on social media, or attend meetings. The community built the building and we firmly believe the community wants to keep this unique performance space a top-notch venue for the performing arts well into the future. 


The TPAC is one of North County’s premier venues for world-class, professional performing arts.   Join us today and

Help us maintain this Templeton Treasure!

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