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TPACF Annual Report  2019-2021

Organizational Progress

  • Elections-Expanding the board

  • Sent out a mailer for our first membership drive through TCSD-Fall 2020

Upcoming Events

  • April 17-Trivia Night

  • Most events have been cancelled due to the pandemic


North County Theatre Works

  • Nothing since NEWSIES

  • Hoping for something in 2022


Fundraising Activities

  • Fall 2019-“A Night on T-Town”- $2187.84

  • Winter 2020-“A Night of 300 Dinners”-$5374.97

  • Individual private donations-$4000


Projects We are Working On

  • Dressing room conversion-MOU with TUSD is being finalized now

  • Lighting upgrades-We have a plan and rough estimate. We can fund the first two phases with money from the TPAC Foundation, rental fees from the TPAC, and some money from a private donor that went to music programs.

  • Curtain cleaning and bee eradication

  • Building a volunteer base

  • Developing a proposal to increase qualified staffing at the TPAC

  • TPAC website hosted by the school. TM&M class is designing new website.


TPAC Foundation First Annual Report  2018-19

Organizational Progress

  • Officially recognized as a tax-exempt non-profit by the IRS and the State of California.

  • Completed paperwork to allow us to do business as North County Theatre Works. 

  • Filed our first tax returns.

  • Held our first official elections.

  • Began a quarterly newsletter

  • Built a website


Upcoming Events

  • Sept. 8, 2019-A Night on T-Town

  • Jan. 18, 2020-A Night of 300 Dinners

  • 2020 NCTW shows


North County Theatre Works

  • ANYTHING GOES-Six performances-June 29-July 8-642 tickets

  • TRIFLES-Three performances-Feb. 1-3, 2019-75 tickets

  • NEWSIES-Four performances-June 21-23, 2019-650 tickets


Fundraising Activities

  • 15th Anniversary Gala-$ $8500 plus

  • John Jorgenson Concert $700 plus

  • The Wonderful Company-$5000 Grant

  • First-ever membership drive 

  • Inner Circle-$5,000-$10,000

  • Center Stage-$2000-$4999

  • Dress Circle-$500-$1999

  • Main Stage-$100-$499

  • Member-$35-$99 Individual donations-$10,000 plus  



Projects We are Working On

  • Curtain cleaning-32% funded. ($5848/$18,000)

  • Dressing room conversion-100% funded ($5000/$5000)

  • Light board-$0/$10,000

  • Lighting equipment-donations from Cuesta. Working to get an estimate of how much it would cost to remove from Cuesta and install in TPAC vs. cost of new LED system

  • Marquee-Cost of purchase and installation-$0/$32,000

  • Building a volunteer base

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