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There’s a tradition in theatre that the last one to leave turns out the lights—all except the ghost light, that is.  The ghost light is a single bulb left burning onstage in the empty and silent theatre.  It is there for safety reasons, but it also projects a sense of waiting, of expectation, of the promise that actors and audience, noise and color and movement and life, will come again.

What a fitting image for this period of waiting and longing for the joy of live theatre and entertainment to return.  The ghost light provides a gleam of hope for our future, the hope that someday we will once again enjoy the activities we love.

Included among these activities might be an evening at the Templeton Performing Arts Center (TPAC).  The TPAC, our North County community theatre, is situated on the Templeton High School campus and is a local hub for cultural events.  Its interior, small and intimate, features 330 seats, each with an unobstructed view of the stage, making it ideal for presentations by musical, dance, and theatrical groups, and for assemblies, lectures, and forums.  Normally bustling with activity, from students during the day to audiences at night and on weekends, today the TPAC is deserted, empty, and silent.  But inside that silent space, the ghost light glimmers…until the house lights come up once again.

Meanwhile, there are things we can do as a community to help keep the light burning.  Supporting live entertainment in the North County is one key element in this process.  The Templeton Performing Arts Center Foundation (TPACF) is committed to furthering this goal.  We at the Foundation are working hard to build public support to keep the TPAC alive until we all can gather again for live performances and events.


One way the TPACF is helping to quite literally keep the lights on is by investing in a new lighting system for the theatre. (See details on the lighting plan here.)  Other improvements in the works are new dressing rooms and a new sound board, along with much-needed curtain cleaning.  Our goal, again, is to enhance the audience experience, so that when you consider an evening out, your first thought might be, “What’s on at the TPAC?”

To this end, we are asking for your support.  Won’t you please join us during our Membership Drive and become a part of the future of live entertainment in the North County?  As a member, you will receive our quarterly newsletter as well as advance notices about upcoming shows and events.  To become a member, just sign up on our website.   Click here on Join the TPACF or under the Support the TPACF tab or sign up in the pop up box when the home page opens and add your contact info so that you can be added to our mailing list. Of course, donations are always welcome, and the website offers a link to a donations page as well.  Donors’ names are included in our quarterly newsletter (unless they wish to remain anonymous).

About Templeton Performing Arts Center Foundation
The Templeton Performing Arts Center Foundation is a non-profit organization created to support the operation and upkeep of the Templeton Performing Arts Center (TPAC).  The TPAC was built through a combined effort of the Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) and the community. The basic structure was finished in 2003; the community then raised funds to furnish the auditorium, and outfit it with sound and lighting systems.
The TPAC is a hub for cultural events serving the people of North County and provides an institution for career and vocational technical education for Templeton High School students. Each of the 330 seats in this small, intimate setting has an unobstructed view of the stage. Its design makes it ideal for presentations by musical, dance, and theatrical groups, and for assemblies, lectures, and forums.
You can help our board of parents, teachers, counselors, current and retired administrators, business owners, and citizens who want to help promote the performing arts and the use and care of this facility. The foundation is seeking individuals and organizations to help in the following ways:
  • Become a member of the foundation board (planning and working events, organizational issues, donation solicitation, etc.).
  • Become a donor (Click here).
  • Support the foundation as a consultant on specific items (sound systems, electrical, planning events, stage production, video, sound, etc.).
  • Donate items to be used at fundraising events (goods & services).
  • Participate and attend future fundraising functions.
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